James Hardie Siding and Trim

James Hardie products are created from concrete and wood fibre.  Baked-on enamel is applied to provide a long-lasting and beautiful product that mimics wood siding.  There are several attractive colour choices and siding profiles.  This is true lap siding and requires no face nailing.  Therefore, small shifts in the underlying structure do not affect the cladding.  In addition, panels and shakes are available for a complete design range. Its only drawback is that correct installation is critical because the product is not waterproof except by virtue of the baked-on enamel finish.  If water penetrates behind the siding, delamination and degradation will likely result.  Steadfast Siding Services are trained by James Hardie in the proper installation of their products. Steadfast Siding Services installs this line of products.  See the Services page.

Louisiana Pacific’s Siding and Trim

Why Steadfast Siding Services?

Vinyl Siding

Although similar in appearance to James Hardie’s line, LP’s SmartSide and SmartTrim are fabricated using an entirely different process.  These are OSB products, specially made to resist water.  These products come primed and LP recommends an approved pre-finisher be contracted to deliver a finished product.  For example, Goodfellow offers a wide range of colours here in Edmonton.  Panels, shakes, and a variety of siding and trim sizes are available.  There are three advantages over James Hardie.  These products are waterproof, they are easier to work with, and there is no toxic dust.  The finished look is similar to James Hardie although the wood graining is slightly different.  Steadfast Siding Services installs this line of products.  See the Services page.

Focused on high quality cladding and superior workmanship, Steadfast Siding Services offers three lines of durable and aesthetic siding and trim.  We are also happy to accept labour-only contracts.  Steadfast Siding Services does not install vinyl siding. 

Other Cladding Options

Steadfast Siding Services commits to excellence.  We install according to the manufacturer’s instructions, meet or exceed Alberta Building Code requirements, and proceed with work in a safe and courteous manner.

You need a contractor who completes projects on time, cooperates with other trades, and offers solutions rather than problems.  You need a contractor who stands behind their work with a straightforward warranty.  One call is all it takes to bring our attention to any issue.  We’ll resolve the matter in a timely manner.

Steadfast Siding Services provides a complete exterior finishing solution.  We offer a choice of three lines of exterior cladding and trim as well as aluminum soffit and fascia.  Alternatively, we accept labour-only contracts.

Wood Siding

Acrylic Stucco

Cladding offerings come in a range of pricing.  However, no solution exists that does not also come with maintenance costs.  Whether due to a deterioration of the cladding materials, to extreme weather conditions, or to shifts in the underlying structure, some maintenance will be required in order to preserve the appearance and weather-tightness of the home.  The best anyone can do is to choose cladding that minimizes maintenance costs.

Here are the most common cladding solutions, in order of total cost, ranging from least expensive to most costly.

Kaycan Wood Products Siding and Trim

Louis Chatelain, manager of Steadfast Siding Services, has been working in some aspect of residential construction since 1973, from foundation to roofing, and from general labour to project management.  Since 2003, he has focused on high quality exterior finishing.  He understands your process and his team will mesh easily with yours.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Louis.  He’ll be more than happy to answer any question you may have and looks forward to playing a role in residential projects you wish to undertake.

A Fair Comparison of Exterior Cladding Solutions

Slightly more expensive than stucco, this solution is still very affordable.  However, labour rates are too low, resulting in a high probability of incorrect installation and you are back to relying on building paper or house wrap for protection.  If you are willing to pay more for labour, vinyl siding is a viable option.  There are some interesting imitation shakes and a wide colour selection. 


If you want the ultimate in durability and beauty, stone and brick have it in spades.  Be prepared to pay a high price for these claddings, typically reserved for very expensive homes.  Many builders incorporate a little masonry work on the front of buildings to increase curb appeal.  In most cases, this will be faux-stone, a more affordable way to get a beautiful feature.

The domain of residential construction is always changing.  Single family homes still predominate in the suburbs but townhomes, midrise condominiums, and rental properties are more prevalent than ever.  If you are a single family home builder in Edmonton, you may believe vinyl siding is the best option for exterior cladding.  It’s fast and inexpensive.  On this basis, it is a strong first choice. 

Rising development, permit, and materials cost increases have made it difficult to keep the price tag of a new home under control.  That’s why builders have moved away from plywood, favouring OSB.  That’s why builders keep to minimum building code requirements.  And that’s why builders opt for vinyl siding.  So what’s the problem?

There���s nothing wrong with vinyl siding in principle.  It is found on houses built forty years ago, still performing its role well.  However, low labour rates increase the likelihood of its improper installation.  This may, and often does, result in poor waterproofing.  If water infiltration occurs, you are depending on house wrap to keep structural damage at bay, an untenable situation.

Here are some examples of what can go wrong with vinyl siding.

Exterior Cladding Solutions

KWP manufactures Naturetech, an ecologically friendly line of siding and trim.  While this is also an OSB product, the manufacturing process is unique to KWP.  Panels and shakes are also available and the finished look is similar to LP’s SmartSide and SmartTrim.  KWP has some technical advantages over LP and the product comes pre-finished in a range of appealing colours.  Steadfast Siding Services installs this line of products.  See the Services page.

In terms of total cost, James Hardie, LP, and KWP are similar.

This list is not exhaustive.  Aluminum siding, steel siding, glass or ceramic panels, tile of various kinds, and many other cladding solutions exist.  For the sake of brevity, only the most common solutions have been documented.

Stucco is like a sponge and is probably the worst choice for exterior cladding.  It is not waterproof and is completely reliant on the building paper or house wrap to prevent water infiltration into the structure. In terms of appearance, stucco can look good if proper design elements are used in combination with colour selection.  But beware of the potential risks to the structure and health of occupants.

Who is Steadfast Siding Services?


Unlike regular stucco, acrylic stucco is waterproof.  This is a good choice for exterior finishing.  However, it is expensive and that’s probably why you’ll only see it on above-average homes.  It affords interesting design options and multiple colours. 

Prohibitively expensive and high maintenance.  Wood siding looks beautiful but requires yearly attention to remain that way.  Consider one of the three options above for the beauty of wood siding with none of the maintenance issues.